First Binance Smart chain asset Management using Hybrid intelligence For Trading

ARTHROCOIN (ATKt) is an hybrid version of Arthrocoin to creates social and technological infrastructure needed to make effective Utility usages and decisions under the volatile conditions of the new economy with a limited supply.

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The Ideology

What is The Goal Under Arthrocoin

We are developing an Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure for the efficient management of investors' capital in traditional financial and crypto-markets. The benefits of Hybrid Intelligence for an ecosystem is for the efficient and safe management of investors' capital by investors themselves or licensed managers. ARTHROCOIN (ATKt) is an opportunity for analysts to monetise their intellectual assets without risking their own funds. tools and data for making investment decisions under the conditions of market uncertainty. Control up-to-date analytics of the industry, expectations, opportunities, and market growth points. indices and ratings of crypto-assets under your 100% control.

About ICO

ARTHROCOIN (ATKt) has a total supply of 100,000.

It is intended to create high-priced coins to attract popularity!

How Arthrocoin Works

Get started by following simple steps.

First Synchronise BEP20 *ATKt* in your any smart wallet like below

(i) Metamask

(ii) Trustwallet

(iii) Mathwallet

(iv) Tockenpocket

Add Smart Contract address &

Add Custom Token & Choose Smart chain Network

Decimals (9) :

Symbol *ATKt*


Total Supply: 100,000.ATKT

TOKEN BURN: 10% (At launch)





Road Map

We aim not only to create thoughtful solutions and long-term change for some of Human's most complex problems, but also to brand new financial Experience for Arthro-Nation members with just a limited number of token supply

Phase 1

Approved core development launch public sales on listing on pancakeswap and poocoin..

Phase 2

Promotion Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Hit $2 Million MCap

Registered as a Delaware LLC

In Progress
Phase 3

Make First Donation

Buyback & Burn Weekly

List on Coingecko

List On CoinMarketCap

In Progress
Next Phase

Update New Roadmap

To The Moon


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Understand Arthrocoin Is Here.

Arthrocoin is the ideology of enhancing human life through Science and Technology. The Arthrocoin is the first and only token dedicated to Arthrocoin...
Our Whitepaper has been updated. You can find it here.
Arthrocoin seeks to change the existing charity environment using the power of cryptocurrencies and decentralising the decision process. Initially a 1% tax is applied to all trading transactions of Arthrocoin, which is sent to a publicly viewabl Binance Charitye Wallet. Transparency and accountability The charity wallet for Arthrocoin will be publicly viewable on the block chain so that holders are not only aware of the funds raised, but how the funds are being spent. Whenever donations are sent to recipients, the transactions are captured and added to the publicly searchable database on our website.
You can buy Arthrocoin token at PancakeSwap. Chart can be found at PooCoin and BoggedFinance. Set the slippage to 10% or more and you'll be a happy mooner with us.
Tokenomics total supply 7,000,000,000 2% of every Transaction is sent directly to the Arthrocoin Charity Fund, 2% is redistributed to holders and 2% is sent to the Liquidity Pool. Listing Pancake Price 1BNB = 3,122,990,000 .
Slippage is 10% or more, 6% Tax on each transaction, 2% Donated To Reseach on Life Enhancement Technologies, 2% Sent To Liquidity Pool, and 2% redistributed proportionately to each holder as our “thank you” for being an investor.
Each transaction will be charged 2% tax fee and deposited in a Arthrocoin donation wallet to fund Pro-life Technologies and a portion from this will be manually donated to Binance Charity Wallet..
As soon as you make the swap on Pancakeswap.

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